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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, effective and affordable way to remove the ageing effects of discoloured, dark or stained teeth. Our priority is to help restore your smile to its brightest best, with the use of up to date dental bleaching technology.

Why come to us for professional teeth whitening treatment?

One of the procedures that we are most often asked for is teeth whitening. The market has exploded with all manner of best teeth whitening lotions and potions but, no over the counter solution will ever be as good or attain such good results as our professional procedures. Our methods are GDC-approved and help us achieve the bright white smile that our patients want.

Types of teeth whitening treatment procedure at our dental practice

Professional Teeth Whitening
Whitening can be done at our tower bridge dental clinic, at home, or as a combination of both methods with our special whitening package. Chair side whitening involves sitting in the chair for one to two hours while we place several applications of Hydrogen Peroxide on your teeth. Home whitening involves using a customised tray containing Carbamide Peroxide, when this is used overnight over a period of around two weeks, white and bright results will be assured.

If your teeth are over-sensitive, damaged, eroded or weakened by cavities,we may advise on a course of restorative treatment before they are whitened.

Other teeth whitening treatment – your options

In-Surgery Teeth Whitening – These days more and more people are realising just how important it is to have a really winning smile and white teeth can make you look younger and even give your whole face a youthful looking lift. If you have been thinking about teeth whitening at our London Bridge surgery in SE1 then you should know that our in-surgery teeth whitening treatment will provide you with immediate results that can be achieved within your lunch hour. When this fast and effective treatment, is over, your teeth will be a dazzling up to eight shades whiter, or even more. There is no doubt that having a bright white smile will give you extra confidence and make you feel that you can make a great first impression for that vital interview or create the perfect pose in a photograph at a special event. The procedure requires you to visit our Tower Bridge clinic.

Home Teeth Whitening – If you prefer to use our home teeth whitening kit and whiten your teeth at home you will have to be more patient. In-surgery whitening treatment can produce noticeable results in just a single one-hour treatment. For whitening at home you will typically have to wait for at least a week before any results are obvious. If you ask your dentist for a home whitening kit you will be given a whitening gel and tray to take away with you. The whitening tray will need to be worn at home and the instructions that are given will need to be followed carefully if you are to enjoy the benefit of whiter, brighter teeth without coming for a dental appointment at the surgery.

How much does it cost?

The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on numerous factors. However our qualified teeth whitening dentists are able to offer detailed pricing beforhand.

For special and promotions please call us at 02074070211

In addition, we also offer special deals for bridal parties, and larger parties.

Why do people get their teeth whitened?

People opt for tooth whitening for many different reasons. Some will do it for vanity and because they feel better with whiter teeth, and others will love the self confidence that a brighter whiter smile gives them. Having your teeth whitened could be compared to the the feel good effect that a trip to the hairdresser gives as we leave the salon or the surgery with a spring in our step.

How long do the results last for?

The results of our enlighten teeth whitening treatment can last from 6-9 months although smoking or eating and drinking staining agents like coffee will limit the time that the teeth stay white. If you eat healthily, steer clear of smoking and keep up a good regime of brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing regularly and making 6 monthly visits to the the dentist, you will keep your teeth whiter for longer. We provide top up solutions with our enlighten teeth whitening kits which you will be required to apply once a month to maintain the white teeth for months to come.

Can teeth whitening cause damage to the teeth or the gums?

The whitening procedure will not damage the teeth or gums, and it will not change the structure of your teeth. When it is carried out correctly the whitening procedure does not cause tooth sensitivity or irritation to the gums or the lips. Gels containing oxidizing agents will be either peroxide or non-peroxide based. We only use products that are certified as being completely safe to use in the professional whitening process.

How does it work?

Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic procedure. After this treatment the client would be able to see there teeth become naturally whiter.