Outstanding, affordable dental care. At your first visit, we’ll go through the various options and provide you with a full breakdown of costs. All dental treatments are guaranteed for one year, subject to regular check-ups and correct maintenance.

Regrettably during this period we will be applying a surcharge of £20 for any procedure using a drill or scaler and £10 for any procedure without. This is to cover the cost of the personal protective equipment we have needed to buy in order to keep you safe.

As you can imagine, the demand for PPE has been very high, and so the costs of this have increased significantly.

We hope that in time, the cost of this equipment will go down as the demand goes down and we be able to remove this charge completely.

Thank you for understanding.

AGP surcharge £20

Non AGP surcharge £10

Basic Fee 15% Discounted fee
Examination & Consultation £50 £42.50
Examination with 2 x-rays £70 £59.5
X-ray £15 £12.75
Emergency £60 (not including x-rays) £51
Routine cleaning £55 £46.75
Extended cleaning £105 £89.25
Advanced cleaning £125 £106.25
Composite Fillings From £90-250 From £76.50 – £212.50
Root Canal Treatment From £400 From £340
Porcelain Crown £850 £722.50
Gold Crown From £900 (subject to the cost of gold) From £765
Bridge From £750 per unit From £637.50 per unit
Acrylic Denture From £550 per arch From £467.50
Chrome Denture From £950 per arch From £807.50
Enlighten whitening package £580 n/a
Home whitening £400 n/a
Whitening Gel Top-Up £30 n/a
Whitening Gel Top-Up pack of 6 £170 n/a
Facial Aesthetics From £180 n/a
Invisalign one arch £2,800 n/a
Invisalign upper and lower £3,800 n/a
Implants From £2,500 n/a
Porcelain Veneers £700 per tooth £595
Composite Veneers £250 per tooth £212.50
Tooth extraction From £150 From £127.50
Nightguard From £250 From £212.50