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Your London bridge dentist: Prevent, Treat, Smile,Practice

The role of a dentist isn’t simply to repair what is damaged but to prevent future problems and maintain optimal dental and oral health.This is why each dental consultation begins with a thorough assessment in our dental practice in London Bridge.
From your very first visit to Londent Oral Care, your dental health is in excellent hands. Your dental practice is run by Dr Ali Shian – a highly qualified and experienced dentist with a wealth of expertise as well as a natural ability to put patients at their ease.
Dr Shian has extensive experience in every aspect of 21st century routine, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Despite his relaxed and informal approach, Ali is a perfectionist – which means he insists on the latest advances in dental techniques, materials and technology together with the highest levels of patient care.
As your London bridge dentist,Ali will listen carefully to your needs, talk through your concerns and explain the various options, only proceeding with treatment when you are completely happy. He will also discuss preventative measures to promote oral and dental health.

High Tech Dentist in SE1

Digital X-rays

In our dental practice ,we employ a Digital X-rays system which is preferable for the following reasons:

Safer – You get proper and accurate diagnosis of your dental problems without any of the unnecessary radiation, as digital X-rays far less radiation than traditional X-rays.

Better – Digital X-rays are not only more accurate, but they may also reveal things that film can’t. Dr Shian can show you details about what your problem is by magnifying the digital image. The digital X-rays can also be manipulated to adjust contrast and colour to show hidden problems, and they can be quickly sent electronically to a specialist who can help determine the appropriate course of action.

Faster – Without the added time of processing and mounting X-ray film, Dr Shian can get your digital images instantaneously, saving you time in the dentist’s chair.

Smarter – No film. No chemicals. No harmful waste. Digital X-rays are much better for the environment.

SOPROLIFE intraoral camera

The auto fluorescence technology in SOPROLIFE allows Dr Shian to detect occlusal or interproximal decay, even in its earliest stages, which can often be missed by the eyes or by x-rays.
SOPROLIFE allows him to differentiate healthy from infected tissue in order to excavate only the tissue which is diseased.


As an intraoral camera it will be taken inside your mouth to generate an extensive, tooth-by-tooth exam of your mouth. This makes the intraoral camera indispensable as a diagnostic and educational tool, as the images can be stored, enlarged and even printed.
Intraoral cameras provide a previously impossible view of your teeth. The camera is pen-sized, painless, and features a disposable cover to prevent any contamination.