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The colour of your smile changes with time due to dietary factors like coffee or red wine and habits like smoking.

Even brushing your teeth too hard, or simple ageing can dull the brightness of your teeth by thinning the outer enamel, resulting in the darker dentine layer to show through.

At Londent we provide safe and reliable ways of whitening your teeth. We aim for an enhanced natural appearance and guarantee you will achieve a B1 shade. There is no need to change your diet and with simple at-home maintenance, the results can last forever.

Our dental team have tested a multitude of different whitening products but has been impressed with the reliability and simplicity of Boutique. Many of our patients have been delighted with their flawless new smiles.

You can expect a guaranteed B1 shade at the end of treatment (and many people can get even whiter than this) as well as constant care and guidance from our friendly skilled team. Keep your trays safe and clean and they can last forever.

Whitening and Invisalign

Interested in Invisalign? The retainers you use for Invisalign work really well with whitening, so combining the two makes perfect sense. Usually, alignment of your teeth is carried out before whitening but it can be flexible depending on your wants and needs. We provide whitening for FREE for all our Invisalign patients.
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What if I want my teeth to become even whiter?

Your teeth may become whiter than the guaranteed B1 shade, but there is a limit to how white your teeth will go. Many of the celebrities you see will have veneers or crowns to gain that super-white result. These procedures have their place in dentistry but can be quite destructive to your natural teeth, so we would want to avoid them when whitening can achieve those results safely.

What if I don’t want my teeth to be as white as B1? I don’t want them to look fake.

We actually hear this a lot, and we can confidently say we think you’ll be happy with B1 as it’s a really natural white shade. However, if you feel your teeth are white enough at any point during the treatment, then all you have to do is stop whitening. You can keep any remaining gels and use them for maintenance.

How do I store the gels?

The whitening gels need to be kept at room temperature in a cool dry place.

Will it damage my teeth?

Whitening is one of the safest procedures you can undergo in dentistry. If you look under a microscope, the effect of the whitening gels on the structure of the enamel is less than you’d see after drinking a can of Diet Coke!

If my teeth get sensitive, will it be permanent?

Sensitivity caused by whitening does not last, it usually goes away a couple of days after you stop the process. With our guidance, we will give you the option of the strength of the gel you wish to use. If you are prone to sensitivity, you may be better off starting with the lower-strength gel to allow your teeth to get used to the treatment.

What if I can’t sleep with it in?

We have a range of different strengths of whitening gel designed for day or night use, after a discussion with us about your daily routine, we can guide you on which one best suits your lifestyle.

Will my fillings change colour?

Unfortunately not. If you have dental work on your front teeth, they will not whiten with any whitening system. They may need replacing after the whitening if there is a drastic shade difference. Please speak to us if you have any concerns about this.

Do I have to stop drinking my coffee or red wine?

Absolutely not! You can continue to enjoy eating and drinking as normal.

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Honestly the best dentist in the world, lovely owners, professional and warm staff. I used to have a fear of dentists until I started coming here- it’s defo the place to go to if you used to be scared like me! I can say hand on heart, That fear is now gone and I actually look forward to my appointments!...

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Sara Anne B.

This is an excellent dental practice that I've been recommending to my coworkers for awhile. The staff is friendly and professional. The sisters who run the practice are thorough not just with the examinations and cleaning, but also make sure to give me personalized and practical advice for at-home care. They make it as pleasant as a trip to the...

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Stu W.

I enquired about a chipped tooth issue and was seen within 24 hours of making the enquiry. Treatment options were clearly explained and discussed, in what is a very professional setting just off Shad Thames. I appreciate the fact that costs were also discussed before making the appointment, which meant that there were no surprises on the day. Overall, very...

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JC Le S.

After years of not going to the dentist, I was dreading my visit. Very welcoming practice. Dr Li kept me informed of my treatment plan and explained clearly what was needed and why. Very reassuring and professional. I've never had to wait for my appointments as well, which is very appreciated on a tight schedule.

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Quentin B.

I visited Londent and had an initial consultation with Dr Panayiotis Kaimakamis (Periodontist). What an absolute dream he was from start to finish. I was quite anxious regarding some rather complex periodontal surgery I needed ASAP and his customer care, subject matter expertise and surgical skills in my humble opinion remain unmatched. I recommend both this clinic and Dr Pano...

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Lila B

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