outstanding, affordable dental care

At your first visit, we’ll go through the various options and provide you with a full breakdown of costs. All dental treatments are guaranteed for one year, subject to regular check-ups and correct maintenance.
To join Denplan Care we will complete a chart that takes into account your dental history, the health of your teeth and gums and the preventive programme recommended. These factors will place you in a specific category for which we have already calculated the fee. You need to be dentally fit before signing up.

Fees current as at 01/08/2021 – subject to review.

£2,800  Invisalign one arch**

£3,500  Invisalign upper & lower**

£2,500*  Implants**

£250 per tooth  Composite Veneers

£750 per tooth  Porcelain Veneers

£550*  Acrylic Denture (per arch)

£950*  Chrome Denture (per arch)

£580  Enlighten Whitening Package**

£70 Enlighten Top-Up Syringe

£400  Phillips Zoom Home Whitening**

£30  Phillips Zoom Top-Up Syringe**

£170  Phillips Zoom Top-Up (x6)**

£250*  Fillers**

£180 (1 area) – £250 (2) – £350 (3)* Anti-wrinkle treatment**

£185 Periodontal Consultation**

*Prices From
**15% Discount NOT applicable

£60  Routine Examination *

£80  Examination with 2 x-rays *

£15  X-ray

£60  Emergency (not incl. X-rays)

£185 Specialist Consultation ***

*Prices From

£65  Routine Cleaning

£115  Extended Cleaning

£135  Advanced Cleaning

£90-250  Composite Fillings

£400* Root Canal Treatment

£850  Porcelain Crown

£900*  Gold Crown

£750* Bridge (per unit)

£150*  Tooth Extraction

£250*  Nightguard

*Prices From