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One of the cosmetic procedures that we are most often asked for is teeth whitening.Your smile is one of the first things people notice. What is yours saying about you? If a stained smile is holding you back, then our GDC approved Teeth Whitening procedure may be for you.

Enlighten Whitening Package

ENLIGHTEN whitening.In chair and home whitening package – guaranteed B1 shade

Home Whitening

If you want the best of a whitening result, you need carefully made custom trays as well as two weeks supply of whitening gel for home with an initial  whitening in practice to get a guaranteed bright white.


Whitening refill
£30 per syringe

If you have whitening trays made for you already, we would carefully examine the tight fitness of them, before providing you only with the best available whitening gels in the market.


Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple, effective and affordable way to remove the ageing effects of discoloured, dark or stained teeth. Our priority is to help restore your smile to its brightest best, with the use of up to date dental bleaching technology.

Types of teeth whitening treatment procedure at our dental practice

Professional Teeth Whitening
Whitening can be done at our London Bridge dental clinic and at home, a combination of both methods with our special whitening package. Home whitening involves using a customised tray containing Hydrogen Perozide or Carbamide Peroxide, depending on what you prefer this can be done during the day or overnight for a period of around two weeks, white and bright results will be assured.

If your teeth are over-sensitive, damaged, eroded or weakened by cavities, we may advise a routine check up before they are whitened.

Teeth whitening treatments – your options?

Why whiten your teeth at a Regional Centre of Excellence?

At an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence whitening your teeth is more than just a treatment, it’s an experience.

We have successfully whitened the teeth of many patients to Enlighten’s guaranteed B1 shade or higher.

As the most experienced Enlighten whitening experts in your area, we are invested in offering you the very best from the second you walk through the door until the minute you hop out of the dentist’s chair.

Why whiten with the Enlighten whitening system?

Because Enlighten whitening was designed to give you control. We tried several whitening systems before we stumbled upon Enlighten and we’ve stuck with them ever since. Here are reasons you’ll love Enlighten too:

  • Guaranteed B1 shade (the most natural white shade on the vita guide)
  • No need to give up your favourite foods and morning coffees (no white diets here)
  • And ever-lasting results.

How Enlighten works

It’s just a few steps to get you your pearly whites, here’s how it goes:

1)     Book yourself in for an appointment

2)     Have moulds taken for your whitening trays

3)     Start using the Tooth Serum every time you brush to keep sensitivity at bay

4)     Pick up your custom-made trays and your Enlighten kit

5)     Begin your 2 week at-home treatment

6)     Finish up with a 40 minute in-surgery boost for a forever white smile.

How much does it cost?

The cost of teeth whitening varies depending on numerous factors. However our qualified teeth whitening dentists are able to offer detailed pricing beforhand.

For special and promotions please call us at 02074070211

In addition, we also offer special deals for bridal parties, and larger parties.


What if I want my teeth to become even whiter?

Your teeth may become whiter than the guaranteed B1 shade, but there is a limit to how white your teeth will go. Many of the celebrities you see will have veneers or crowns to gain that super white result. These procedures have their place in dentistry, but can be quite destructive to your natural teeth, so we would want to avoid them when whitening can achieve those results safely.

What if I don’t want my teeth to be as white as B1? I don’t want them to look fake.

We actually hear this a lot, and we can confidently say we think you’ll be happy with B1 as it’s a really natural white shade. However, if you feel your teeth are white enough at any point during the treatment, then all you have to do is stop whitening. You can keep any remaining gels and use them for maintenance. We would recommend you continue using the tooth serum for sensitivity and to maintain the results.

How do I store the gels?

The whitening gels need to be kept refrigerated.

Will it damage my teeth?

Whitening is one of the safest procedures you can undergo in dentistry. If you look under a microscope, the effect of the whitening gels to the structure of the enamel is less than you’d see after drinking a can of Diet Coke!

If my teeth get sensitive, will it be permanent?

Sensitivity caused by whitening does not last, it usually goes away a couple of days after you stop the process. With Enlighten we do our very best to minimise how much you’ll get in the first place.

What if I can’t sleep with it in?

After a night or two, most people get used to wearing it overnight. But if you can’t, don’t worry. After a discussion with us about your daily routine, we will be able to find a time of day that works for you.

Will my fillings change colour?

Unfortunately, not. If you have dental work on your front teeth, they will not whiten with any whitening system. They may need replacing after the whitening if there is a drastic shade difference. Please speak to us if you have any concerns about this.

Do I have to stop drinking my coffee or red wine?

Absolutely not! Enlighten has made sure you can continue to enjoy eating and drinking as normal.