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At Londent we believe in minimally invasive dentistry to ensure your teeth and gums remain healthy for life.

During an examination, we provide the following:

  • A complete review including oral cancer screening, checking for signs of gum disease, cavities and tooth wear, as well as other oral health related problems;
  • In-depth advice on how to prevent problems from occurring in the future and how to look after your existing fillings and crowns to ensure they last as long as possible;
  • Early detection before more severe problems develop. By applying simple treatments in advance, we can often reduce the likelihood of toothaches along with the physical as well as financial toll that it can bring.


I’m not in any pain, do I still need a check-up?

Yes. Even if you have no apparent issues at present we advise you to get in touch to arrange an initial booking. From there, we will identify potential dental issues based on your examination, history and oral hygiene routine; and can advise you on how to prevent them from getting worse before they cause you pain or discomfort. For example, when cavities are small, they do not hurt and you won’t even know that they’re there. However with close inspection and the help of X-ray imaging, we will detect the problem; and if we can intervene early, this will prevent future pain and more extensive treatment and possibly even tooth loss.

Do I need to come every 6 months?

A dental examination should be a regular appointment in your diary. How often you need an examination will depend on your risk factors, for example, how prone you are to getting cavities or how much you smoke and drink. We will assess this and a number of other aspects and advise you when your next check-up should be. This can be anything from every 3 months to every 2 years.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

You’ll get emailed a link to our “Pearl Portal”. Please complete your medical history and update your personal details before you attend.

Should I get my notes and x-rays from my previous dentist?

Whilst not essential, these can be very helpful. Comparing old and new x-ray images, for example, can tell us whether something is getting better, worse or remains unchanged. This can influence whether we choose to monitor the problem or treat it straight away.

I want to talk about cosmetic options for my teeth, can I do this at my check-up?

Absolutely! Come to your check-up prepared with any questions you may have. When booking, please let our friendly reception team know what you would like to discuss, and we can ensure we allocate extra time to your appointment.

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Honestly the best dentist in the world, lovely owners, professional and warm staff. I used to have a fear of dentists until I started coming here- it’s defo the place to go to if you used to be scared like me! I can say hand on heart, That fear is now gone and I actually look forward to my appointments!...

stars 1

Sara Anne B.

This is an excellent dental practice that I've been recommending to my coworkers for awhile. The staff is friendly and professional. The sisters who run the practice are thorough not just with the examinations and cleaning, but also make sure to give me personalized and practical advice for at-home care. They make it as pleasant as a trip to the...

stars 1

Stu W.

I enquired about a chipped tooth issue and was seen within 24 hours of making the enquiry. Treatment options were clearly explained and discussed, in what is a very professional setting just off Shad Thames. I appreciate the fact that costs were also discussed before making the appointment, which meant that there were no surprises on the day. Overall, very...

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JC Le S.

After years of not going to the dentist, I was dreading my visit. Very welcoming practice. Dr Li kept me informed of my treatment plan and explained clearly what was needed and why. Very reassuring and professional. I've never had to wait for my appointments as well, which is very appreciated on a tight schedule.

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Quentin B.

I visited Londent and had an initial consultation with Dr Panayiotis Kaimakamis (Periodontist). What an absolute dream he was from start to finish. I was quite anxious regarding some rather complex periodontal surgery I needed ASAP and his customer care, subject matter expertise and surgical skills in my humble opinion remain unmatched. I recommend both this clinic and Dr Pano...

stars 1

Lila B

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