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Dr. Ali Shian

Dr Ali Shian – Cosmetic Dentist in London

GDC: – 100407

Ali Shian DDS is passionate about dentistry with more than two decades of experience. Since taking up the role of Principal Dentist at Londent in 2011 he has always adhered to his firmly held belief that the role of a dentist isn’t simply to repair what is damaged. It is also to prevent future problems and maintain optimal dental and oral health.

A dental consultation with Dr Ali Shian always begins with a thorough assessment. As a highly qualified and experienced dentist with a wealth of expertise Ali has a natural ability to put patients at their ease.

Dr Shian has extensive experience in every aspect of 21st century dental practice whether that is routine, restorative or cosmetic dentistry. But don’t let Dr Shian’s relaxed and informal approach deceive you. Ali is a perfectionist and that means that he insists on the latest advances in dental techniques, materials and technology delivered in combination with the highest levels of patient care.

Ali is very hands on where further education is concerned and is constantly updating his knowledge as the science of dentistry progresses. The knowledge he gains is applied to his treatment of patients whatever dental treatment they are receiving. In cosmetic dentistry and smile perfection Dr Ali Shian is as well informed as he is experienced in cutting edge procedures.

Dr Shian has an enviable reputation for clinical competence in aesthetic dentistry including the construction of dental implants, veneers and composite restorations. His understanding of smile design and knowledge of precise digital photography have gained him a reputation of excellence in this field. Additionally his clinical experience with clear orthodontic splints (Clear Step, In-line) has made him a very popular choice for this type of treatment.

Londent under the supervision of Dr Shian also offers skilful tooth whitening procedures, both in the practice and in home bleaching.

Dr Ali believes in full consultation with every patient and will carefully explain the various options available. Treatment will only commence when the patient is completely happy with everything that has been discussed including preventative measures to promote oral and dental health.

Within the Londent practice Ali places particular importance on working as a team with focus on a multi-disciplinary team approach to patient management. The excellent communication skills that he has developed by working with people from a diverse cultural background in the past 20 years are ones that he encourages in all the staff at Londent.

Outside of clinic hours Dr Ali Shian enjoys football, films and photography.