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We know there can be a lot of waste in a healthcare setting, and this has a profound effect on the environment.

At Londent we believe we have a responsibility to minimise this and continually strive to do so, without compromising your safety.

Here are just some of the ways we do this, and how you can help too!

TerraCycle Dental Waste Recycling Programmes

TerraCycle has teamed up with Colgate and Phillips and created a fantastic scheme that recycles the items you thought you couldn’t.

We are a registered public drop-off location; a communal collection point where you bring your #TerraCycle waste for recycling. Simply bring in your empty toothpaste tubes, old toothbrushes and floss packets and drop them into our recycling bin in reception. Click here to see the full list of items you can drop off.

What’s more, if we collect enough, we get ‘TerraCycle points’ that will be redeemed into financial donations to selected charities! So please help us to reduce both yours and our carbon footprint and #MakeLondentGreen.

Environmentally Friendly Products

We have a great selection of environmentally friendly dental products that you can pick up at your next visit.

Paper cups!

It’s a simple one but often overlooked! We all know how important it is to have a quick rinse after your treatment, and these plastic cups quickly add up.

Going Digital

Tablets: All your data is stored digitally. When you attend your appointment, you will be asked to complete a medial questionnaire on one of our tablets which is saved directly to your file.
We will also send you a link prior to your appointment so you can update your medical history from home, and we’ll receive it well ahead of your appointment. No more filling out paper forms only to be scanned, shredded and disposed of!

X-Ray Sensors: Our x-ray sensors last for years and send the images straight to the computer screen. Therefore, we don’t have to use polluting chemicals for processing or replace phosphor plates as they become damaged over time.

iTero scanner: Remember those single use, bulky plastic trays filled with putty that made you gag? We now use a high-tech scanner to get a precise impression of your mouth without any of that. Read more about your iTero scan here.

Intra-oral camera: A picture says a thousand words! We will show you exactly what we recommend and why using a small camera designed to comfortably take photos in your mouth. Whether it’s a decayed or broken tooth, or just to view the beautiful new filling we’ve placed, it’s just one more way we like to keep you in the loop.

Accepted Waste

Waste that is accepted:

  • Battery operated toothbrushes
  • Electric toothbrush handles
  • Batteries

Waste that is NOT accepted:

  • Toothpaste tubes and caps
  • Plastic packaging for toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes
    and floss containers
  • Dental floss

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Honestly the best dentist in the world, lovely owners, professional and warm staff. I used to have a fear of dentists until I started coming here- it’s defo the place to go to if you used to be scared like me! I can say hand on heart, That fear is now gone and I actually look forward to my appointments!...

stars 1

Sara Anne B.

This is an excellent dental practice that I've been recommending to my coworkers for awhile. The staff is friendly and professional. The sisters who run the practice are thorough not just with the examinations and cleaning, but also make sure to give me personalized and practical advice for at-home care. They make it as pleasant as a trip to the...

stars 1

Stu W.

I enquired about a chipped tooth issue and was seen within 24 hours of making the enquiry. Treatment options were clearly explained and discussed, in what is a very professional setting just off Shad Thames. I appreciate the fact that costs were also discussed before making the appointment, which meant that there were no surprises on the day. Overall, very...

stars 1

JC Le S.

After years of not going to the dentist, I was dreading my visit. Very welcoming practice. Dr Li kept me informed of my treatment plan and explained clearly what was needed and why. Very reassuring and professional. I've never had to wait for my appointments as well, which is very appreciated on a tight schedule.

stars 1

Quentin B.

I visited Londent and had an initial consultation with Dr Panayiotis Kaimakamis (Periodontist). What an absolute dream he was from start to finish. I was quite anxious regarding some rather complex periodontal surgery I needed ASAP and his customer care, subject matter expertise and surgical skills in my humble opinion remain unmatched. I recommend both this clinic and Dr Pano...

stars 1

Lila B

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