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A healthy smile is a beautiful smile

Posted On: 26th January 2017

Are we the best dentist in London?

When you visit a dentist these days it can be easy to get carried away with ideas of perfectly shaped and aligned white teeth created by cosmetic dentistry.

And, while, at Londent, we agree that everyone has the right to have well-aligned, shapely, white teeth, we also believe that the basis of every beautiful smile is good oral health.

That is why when you come to us for your first appointment with a London Bridge dentist, we will want to take a detailed look at not only your teeth, but also your gums, jawbone, tongue and mouth. We will want to have a good chat with you about your dental desires and your dental history.

However, if you do need to have remedial treatments we offer the latest and the best in terms of techniques and materials.

This holistic approach, has earned us the reputation as one of the best dentists in London.

Fillings no longer need to be made of mercury amalgam, and your London Bridge dentist at Londent uses the latest in composite materials that can match your tooth colour and withstand the stresses and pressures that biting and chewing place on teeth. With this kind of filling material, we do not have to remove so much of the tooth in order to give it something to bond too.

Sometimes people need root canal treatment. This happens when bacteria have entered into the pulp of the tooth, either via a crack or decay. These bacteria give off acid, which irritates and infects the tooth, leading to severe toothache as the pressure increases inside the tooth. If this has happened, the dentist will clean out the canal, removing the pulp and filling the resultant space before sealing it.

If you have to have teeth extracted, your London Bridge dentist can fill the gap left with a bridge. Bridges are false teeth that are supported by the teeth next to them, or by dental implants. This stops the surrounding teeth from tipping into the gap left by the lost tooth.

However, if you come to us for a twice-yearly check-up; you visit the hygienist as well when you are here, and you take care to brush and floss twice a day at home, you should never need to lose a tooth or have root canal therapy.